Transform your customers' experience through expert contact.

Callmedia Expert Contact is a multi-channel contact centre management software solution. It empowers contact centres to help their organisations provide the most compelling customer experience.

Callmedia Expert Contact has been built around the guiding principle of ‘expert contact every time’, which aims to match call centre agents to customers in a way that maximises the value of every interaction. The sophisticated call routing technology ensures each customer is always matched with the most appropriate agent, at the most appropriate time.

It has been designed to meet the ever evolving needs of contact centres; most notably with the introduction of a new Interaction History capability and a new user interface giving agents more control.

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Multi-channel contact centre capabilities

Full interaction history

360 degree customer interaction view

Easy to use interface

Deliver quicker service by accessing key actions with fewer clicks

Multi-channel interaction

Consistent customer experience across all channels for any particular touch point

Mobile integration

Simplify mobile engagement to deliver a smoother experience

Customer routing

Uses information on who the customer is to select which queue or user should handle the interaction


Callmedia can be delivered as a hosted solution or on premises

All-in-one multi channel contact centre solution

We can help transform your customers’ experience whilst at the same time growing your business and brand loyalty.

How does it work?

Callmedia has been designed around the guiding principles of ‘expert contact every time’ and this includes six key elements:


We take each interaction regardless of channel, and get it to the right place. We can identify who is contacting you, and make an intelligent decision based on your business rules. Whether it’s a platinum customer or someone in the middle of a claims process and you need to put them through to the same agent. Maybe it’s something as simple as working out they have called in previously and hung up. For your outbound activity, ensure you dial the right customer at the right time and achieve complete control. You can filter and prioritise all of your dialling in real time to react to realworld scenarios.


We ensure each interaction is allocated to the right agent. Allocation is much more than traditional ‘Skills-Based Routing’. Allocate an interaction to the last person who dealt with the customer or make sure people about to buy, go to your top closers. Every contact centre has peaks and troughs. It’s easy to use your top people effectively during lulls, but when things get busy, it’s all hands to the pump. Callmedia offers true real time skill blending between all channels, so you can bring in more people, automatically, to answer high priority calls, interrupt people on emails and stop outbound activity to fulfil service levels if required.


The interaction between you and your customer is the really critical stage. Callmedia takes all the information from Routing and Allocation and presents it in our Desktop interface. Agents immediately see all past interaction history across all channels. And with a smart, easy-to-use interface, they get to concentrate on what they need to say and do, rather than how they do it.


Every agent can’t know everything, but customers shouldn’t be passed from pillar to post. At the click of a button, agents can call up a list of subject-matter experts and external contacts to consult with. Because the contacts are specific to the task at hand, it’s always relevant and there’s no need to hunt for the right expert. Real time presence information and queue statistics help to save time, and you can even share notes before passing the call over.


Callmedia comes with a highly versatile statistics display as standard, which can be used by supervisors at their desktops and also provide views for Wallboard screens throughout the contact centre. As well as standard contact centre metrics, Callmedia is extensible with configurable viewers for your own web pages and web applications. See your own business data alongside that of the contact centre, without the need to switch between applications and reports. You can improve customer service through dedicated customer experience reports and statistics. Supervisors can trace a customer’s journey through the contact centre, while agents can see at the click of a button how many times a call has been held, transferred and queued.


Callmedia provides fast, straight forward access to all information and configuration for managers. There is a host of additional custom services available to enable greater control of your internal resources. Delivering real time control of call routing, skills, SLAs and other routing criteria helps you quickly and decisively react to the unexpected.

Customer engagement is more important than ever before – so make sure you get it right every time