Don’t spoil the Customer Journey with a rigid approach to scripting. Give every customer a ‘Good Call’ at a price you can afford with integrated workflow in your agent desktop.

Any company can provide world-class service if it’s willing to spend to do it. But money is always limited, and the reason for providing good service is to increase profits not eat into them.

For all the snazzy technology you’ve bought recently, the human agents who talk to your customers are still by far the most effective part of your contact centre. To achieve your contact centre’s business and profit goals you need to make sure they have all the right tools.

Linearity breeds contempt

Nobody is a fan of scripted calls, especially not your customers. Traditional scripts are linear and inflexible, like a route marked in ink on a map. They can make agents sound like robots rather than humans capable of displaying empathy and building rapport.

With a script agents have to run through every step, even those not relevant to the conversation in hand. Many calls also need to deal with multiple issues which traditional scripts have a hard time facilitating. It’s also not unusual for a savvy customer to take your agent ‘Off Piste’, so some sort of guide is required.

For the best Customer Journey you need an intelligent, dynamic workflow that will solve customer problems quickly.  You need to give your agents a smart SatNav system, not an unresponsive route map.

Flexible call navigation

If you change your destination while driving, or need to make a detour, your SatNav recalculates the best route in real-time.  It will also show you points of interest and local information.

In the same way, the best contact centres today employ flexible, branching workflows rather than rigid scripts. These workflows guide agents through calls, pop them context sensitive information and allow them to focus on the customer rather than systems and processes.

Infinity Workflow Engine for Callmedia agent desktop allows you to create beautiful and easy-to-follow screens that present agents with only the steps necessary to complete whatever processes are required for each interaction. Irrelevant steps can be skipped or not presented at all. And if multiple issues need to be handled, the workflow can branch from one process to another as required.

The only interface your agents need

Workflow Engine can be run in your Callmedia desktop – or any other agent desktop solution. It can be integrated with back-end systems such as your customer database, billing system, ERP and CRM system for further efficiency benefits.

For example, information such as customer transaction histories can be presented to agents right inside the workflow without them having to open a separate application to look for what they need. Reciprocally, all these systems can also be updated from inside the workflow, which saves time and allows the agent to focus on the conversation rather than on using multiple software interfaces.

Wrap-up time can also be considerably reduced as the Workflow Engine can even automate repetitive tasks, such as copying and pasting data entered in one system to another system.

Result: every ‘Good Call’ improves your bottom line

The power of Infinity’s software allows for faster, more natural calls, problems solved more efficiently, increased sales opportunities and reduced agent training, as they only need to learn one system. All of these have a direct and demonstrable impact on your company’s bottom line.

Give your agents the right tools and give your customers a Good Call.

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