Infinity Workflow Engine

Recent webinar showing the benefits to the customer journey of a fully integrated workflow

The Infinity Engine integrates with the Callmedia agent desktop –or any other desktop you may be using – to guide your agents through every step they need to take to deliver an exceptional customer experience that’s legally compliant and meets your exacting quality standards.

With a clear workflow visible on their desktop without the need to toggle between applications or manage complex scripting, agents are able to work fast, work effectively and focus their whole concentration on getting things right for the customer.

Expect to see customer satisfaction and NPS scores rise. Productivity gains of up to 20% are common. As well as reduced AHT and wrap times.

And because the Workflow Engine makes it easier for agents to provide great service, you’re likely to see agent satisfaction rise and attrition fall.  Agents will also be quicker to train and able to pick up new projects or interaction types easily.

Agents perform better with a SatNav.

Giving your agents a roadmap for each interaction can improve compliance and quality, reduce AHT by up to 30%, boost productivity by 20%, and improve NPS and CSAT scores


Improve Customer Experience

design and deliver exceptional customer journeys

Single Agent View

allow agents to write to your CRM and back office systems without ‘Alt-Tabbing’

Desktop Agnostic

run workflows and scripts right inside CallMedia or any other desktop


Slash AHT

vastly reduce amount of time agents spend looking for information and processes

Seamless Integration

populate workflows with data from your CRM system and other back office tools


Boost Compliance & Quality

guide agents smoothly and consistently through complex interactions

Customer experience is more important than ever – so make sure you get it right every time.