A 15 year partnership driving growth and ongoing success for the outsourced call handling specialist


Frontline wanted to have the very best contact centre technology right from the start in order to deliver the quality of service – and the long-term growth – that it envisioned for the company.


For the telephony solution, Azzurri first implemented the Avaya INDeX platform for the fledgling startup. However, in order to meet the growing demands of Frontline’s expanding customer base, this was later upgraded to the Avaya Communications Manager unified communications solution in 2003. To complement the telephony solution, Azzurri also introduced Frontline to the Callmedia Enterprise contact centre solution in 1999 (later called Callmedia Expert Contact).


Being able to offer its customers a combined call handling service which blends together calls, emails, social media etc. into a single offering has proven to be a very powerful proposition for Frontline. In fact, so sophisticated is Frontline’s offering that it is often found to surpass the functionality of the in-house contact centres of its largest customers.